MAERSK Line with 8 New Container Vessels as Upgrade for its Service to US Military

By Vessels

Maersk Line, Limited has purchased and is currently re-flagging 8 newer and bigger container vessels to upgrade the ocean transportation services secured to its US military, government and merchant clients.
The investment of Maersk Line Limited (MLL), of almost half a billion dollars in 8 container ships is going to enhance the quality of service to the Middle East and Mediterranean Sea from the US East Coast. Since 2000, Maersk Line Ltd. has invested over US$1,75 billion to modernize its fleet in support of the US government and military. The new ships are about ten years younger than the outgoing vessels, offering enhanced fuel efficiency and environmental performance.
“These 8 newer container vessels, along with the global transportation network, which links them, demonstrate our commitment to our merchant clients. We are really proud to serve the US military and to deliver U.S. food aid worldwide,” stated John Reinhart, President and CEO of Maersk Line Limited. “Maersk Line is focused on continual improvement, and these vessels are further going to increase reliability and shrink our environmental footprint.”
The new container ships are going to join Maersk Line’s weekly Middle East Container Line service (MECL1) throughout May and June. This route serves merchant customers and the US military, and it transports US-grown food aid. MECL1 is going to be the industry’s only direct U.S. flag service to and from the US East Coast and Pakistan, and the service includes a new stop in Algeciras, Spain.
All 8 new container ships are going to join the Maritime Security Program (MSP) and Voluntary Intermodal Sealift Agreement (VISA). “We are very pleased to bring more modern and useful assets into the fleets of MSP and VISA,” added Reinhart. “The ships are going to augment our nation’s security and sustain jobs for the US Merchant Marine, the 4th arm of our national defense.”
The 8 new incoming container ships are named in honor of American cities, which have brought industrial vitality to the economy of the United States through manufacturing, finance, transportation, and exports. This vessel names are: Maersk Atlanta, Maersk Chicago, Maersk Columbus, Maersk Denver, Maersk Detroit, Maersk Hartford, Maersk Memphis, and Maersk Pittsburgh. Maersk Chicago was the 1st of the 8 container ships to be re-flagged; she came under the US flag on 1st of May, 2013.