Woman jumps off Carnival Spirit, boyfriend does the same

By Accidents

The search for the 2 passengers was called off 3 days ago, the couple is presumed dead. Kristen Schroder[27] and Paul Rossington[30] are described that they had a serious argument in the casino of Carinval Spirit. The CCTV footage from the ship is showing Ms Schroder jumping from the Carnival Spirit over 2.5m panel on the balcony of their cabin 20m above the water and landing on lifeboat before reaching the water. Her boyfriend followed the woman moments later.
The family of Kristen Schroder is not believing that she jumped and committed a suicide. Her relatives believe that "she lost her grip and slipped backwards" and that Mr Rossington "jumped in to save her without having a chance to think clearly".
Carnival informed that the shipboard video reveals everything in this tragedy, but will not show details because of respect for the families.
Carnival Australia chief executive Ann Sherry announced: "We've invested hugely in cameras, we can see exactly what's going in most parts of the ship at most times,"
"There is also a balance, of course, around privacy.
"We don't watch what people are doing in their private spaces, but we are keen to know exactly what's happening around the sides of the ship."
Survival expert Dr Paul Luckin, who advises the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) explained to the Sydney Morning Herald that if they had survived the impact of hitting the water, fatigue would be their biggest problem, with Dr Luckin adding he would not expect anyone to last as long as three days after falling from a ship, with being stuck in the water and constantly being hit in the face by water, tremendously fatiguing.