Anti-mine naval exercise after Iranian plans to close Gulf

By Curious

A coalition of 41 countries will simulate detecting and clearing mines in order to be prepared and to keep safe the important shipping lanes. Iran warned that has the intention to block the Strait of Hormuz if America or Israel attack the country or as retaliation for international sanctions.
The block of the oil shipping routes would harm the world fragile economy. Iran will monitor the exercise and sent a warning to the participants. Royal Navy representative informed that the exercise is defensive and explained that all actions are not aimed directly at Iran.
He added: "There's no way any one can claim that they are provocative. They will all take place in international waters. There's nothing overtly provocative and there's nothing covert."
It is well known that shipping routes have to be free and secure. 6 British ships are taking part in the event. In the exercise will be used more than 100 divers, under water remote controlled drones for detection and destruction of the mines. There will be more exercises simulating protection of oil installations and escorting convoys of merchant ships.