3 out of 10 Pirates Freed Due to Lack of Evidence

By Piracy

It is difficult to send pirates to prison announced Spanish Admiral. For example the EU military forces in the Indian Ocean (part of Operation Atalanta) had to free nearly 30% of the pirates.
The main problem is that the arrests are a month after the crime and collecting evidence is problematic.
The Spanish Admiral explains "When you spend a lot of time between the criminal act and the arrest, it is very difficult to obtain enough evidence so that justice can proceed,".
Another problem for bringing pirates to the justice is that nobody wants their country to be a prison for pirates. The political situation with the transfer of pirates is complex, negotiations are heavy and sometimes unproductive.

The European Union has agreements with countries which share common values and similar standards on human rights. There are many difficulties with transferring pirates to countries that have death penalty for example. Pirates have to be imprisoned in countries where the piracy is present.

One more problem is that the sailors sometimes have to travel a lot in order to give evidence and they do not do that and the pirates are released.