Boating in US Safer and Safer Informs Coast Guard

By Finance

Statistics reports presented by U.S. Coast Guard for 2012 showed drop in accidents and injuries. From 2011 to 2012 death cases in boating accidents dropped from 758 to 651, injuries dropped from 3.081 to 3,000.
The good thing is that death cases dropped with 13% compared to the previous year. Property damage costs $38mililon.
It is written in the report: "We're very pleased that casualties are lower, and thank our partners for their hard work over the past year," said Capt. Paul Thomas, director of Inspections and Compliance at U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters. "We will continue to stress the importance of life jacket wear, boating education courses and sober boating."
Alcohol was the main reason for fatal boating accidents. Other factors are: operator inattention, operator inexperience, improper lookout, machinery failure and excessive speed ranked as the top five primary contributing factors in accidents.
The majority, 71% of the victims, drowned. The shocking 84% was not reported as wearing a life jacket. 14% of death cases happened on ships where operator had received boating safe instructions. Most types of vessels involved in accidents were: open motorboats, personal watercraft and cabin motorboats.