MAERSK reflags to US 8 second-hand ships

By Vessels

The biggest international shipping company, Maersk Line Limited (MLL), has purchased and is going to reflag 8 second-hand container vessels to secure American ships for the government and merchant clients restricted to national flag shipping.
Reflagging a vessel assures that it meets strict American safety, environmental, operational and compliance standards enforced by the United States Coast Guard and other maritime officials.
The 8 second-hand container ships are Maersk Atlanta, Maersk Chicago, Maersk Columbus, Maersk Denver, Maersk Detroit, Maersk Hartford, Maersk Memphis, and Maersk Pittsburgh. The Maersk Chicago was the 1st of the 8 ships to be reflagged on 1st of May, 2013.
iMLL has earmarked $500,000 dollars for 8 ships bound for service in the Middle East and Mediterranean Sea from the United States east coast. Maersk Line has already spent US$1,75 billion to modernise its fleet in support of the US government and military since 2000.
"These 8 newer second-hand ships demonstrate our commitment to our clients," told the president and CEO of Maersk Line Limited, John Reinhart.