Cargo vessel Allision with Ferry Bridge

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Delta Mariner, which is a cargo ship carrying rocket components from the manufacturer in Decatur, Alabama, to Cape Canaveral, Florida, allided with Eggner's Ferry Bridge on the Tennessee River on the night of 26th of January, 2012, near Aurora, Kentucky. As the container ship approached the ferry bridge, the bridge team maneuvered the container ship Delta Mariner away from the main navigation span and toward a span providing insufficient clearance for the ship.
The NTSB launched an investigation to define why the allision happened and to identify measures to prevent the occurrence of a similar incident. The NTSB identified several safety problems during the investigation:
Performance of the container ship Delta Mariner bridge team and the contract pilot hired to help them, including passage planning, their understanding of their roles and responsibilities, and their use of navigation equipment.
Effectiveness of the ship's safety management system and safety oversight by Foss Maritime Company, the owner of the container ship.
As a result of the NTSB's investigation, the additional safety recommendations to the USCG concerning chronic bridge navigation lighting issues and the effectiveness of broadcast notices to seafarers in alerting ship bridge teams to potential hazards. The NTSB also recommends Foss Maritime Company address concerns regarding the expertise expected of contract pilots, the duties and responsibilities of the bridge team, and passage planning for the Delta Mariner.