A Drydock and a Tug Sank at Vigor’s Everett, WA Shipyard

By Accidents

A drydock housing the one-hundred-forty-foot Crowley tug Invader sank over the weekend at the Vigor Marine Shipyard in Everett, Wash., bringing the tug and an estimated 50k-60k gallons of diesel with it.
The Coast Guard and Washington Department of Ecology, along with salvage crews on board, responded to the potential environmental jeopardy, saying that a light sheen of oil could be seen around the sunken dry dock and ship and adding that boom has been deployed around the wreck.
According to the Coast Guard report, the two-hundred-foot section of dry dock began slowly sinking Saturday night and stopped only after making contact with the sea floor at appromixately 12 p.m. Sunday.
At that time both of the dry dock and Invader are partially submerged, with the tug resting on its starboard side. The USCG has confirmed with Crowley more than 50,000-60,000 gallons of diesel is contained in the Invader’s fuel tanks. Meanwhile, salvage company was on scene yesterday conducting assessment dives and the plugging the tugs vents.
The Invader is part of Crowley’s Invader-class, a series of powerful, sleek and highly-praised tugs built between 1974 and 1977.