8 Convicted Somali Pirates tobe transfered to Puntland

By Piracy

A group of 8 Somali pirates have been repatriated to Puntland, Somalia as a port of the still continuing convicting programme in the Seychelles.
Departing from Mahi, Seychelles to Puntland, the transferred Somali pirates were flown aboard an IDC chartered air plane under escort secured by specially trained police officers. The convicted Somali pirates were successfully handed over to Puntland officials to serve out the remainder of their sentences in Basaso Prison, Puntland.
The operation to repatriate the Somali pirates was made possible by extensive diplomatic efforts among the Government of the Seychelles and the Puntland Authorities and it was carried out without accident.
The Minister for Justice of Puntland, Abdikalif Sheik Hassan, when visiting the Seychelles in March this year expressed his government's appreciation in the way Seychelles was handling the piracy situation and conveyed his interest to strengthen the relationship among Seychelles and Puntland, Somalia.
It should be mentioned that the minister had visited Seychelles after a group of 25 convicted Somali pirates had been transferred back to Puntland to serve out their sentences.
It is expected that another group currently incarcerated at the Montagne Possιe Prison will be transferred towards the end of May 2013.
The IDC flight crew and police escorts returned safely to Seychelles the same day.