Chinese fishing boat captured by North Koreans

By Piracy

China insists North Korea to free a Chinese fishing boat and its crew. The owner of the boat informed that its property had been seized for more than 15 days. 2 days ago Yu Xuejun (the owner) revealed more information; armed North Koreans attacked the boat on 5 May despite the boat was in Chinese waters and the kidnappers asked a ransom of 600,000 yuan (£64,000).
The Chinese embassy had asked the foreign ministry of North Korea to release the boat and all crew members. North Korea informed that the boat was in North Korean waters.
Yu Xuejun explained that the North Korean side wanted money to be paid by noon on Sunday to a firm in Dandong or the boa would be confiscated and the crew released.
The attackers are not known but there is suspicion on North Korean armed forces and their desire to make money.
There was another case when 3 private Chinese ships with 29 crew members were attacked and captured by a North Korean gunboat demanding for $190,000 ransom. The crew members were released less than 14 days later. There are cases that were not reported because the owner paid the ransom, this time the ransom is higher.
These cases will rise the tension between the 2 countries. It is known that China is main ally of North Korea, providing most of its fuel and most of its trade but the relations have been often difficult because of such incidents and the weapons programmes of North Korea.