North Cargo Berth 8 features a heavy lift dock to accommodate Spaceport operations and a diversified cargo portfolio

A new multi-purpose cargo berth at Port Canaveral was given the green light at the Canaveral Port Authority Board of Commissioners meeting this week. Commissioners voted unanimously to move forward with building a new North Cargo Berth 8 (NCB8) to accommodate a growing cargo portfolio that includes commercial spacecraft components. The landside and waterside investment on the Port’s north side will provide the infrastructure and flexibility needed to meet an increased demand for diversified cargo handling capabilities at the Port Canaveral (see also CruiseMapper).

Canaveral Port Authority Approves Construction of New Multi-Purpose Berth
Caption: Port Canaveral aerial view. Location of North Cargo Berth 8 indicated by “star” in the above photo (Photo: Canaveral Port Authority)

“We are experiencing the highest demand for bulkhead space in the history of our Port. Prudent development of cargo sites to maximize their use is critically important to meet the growing needs of today, while building our capabilities for the future,” explained Port CEO Captain John Murray.  “This new multi-purpose berth will enhance our ability to manage cargo opportunities being driven by the rapid economic growth in Central Florida.”

The 900-foot seawall and planned 100-foot pier extension will be capable of handling an 850-foot ship. The berth will be constructed with a 2,000 lbs. per-square-foot capacity, a necessary requirement for handling aerospace cargo and other heavy project cargo. The berth will be dredged to a depth of -35 ft (MLLW).

Caption: Site of North Cargo Berth 8 (shown above) will support heavy lift cargo and Spaceport operations (Photo: Canaveral Port Authority)

Orion Marine Group of Tampa, Florida has been awarded a $17.9 million dollar contract for construction of the bulkhead and seawall, relieving platform and dredging. Construction is expected to begin in March 2018 with a scheduled completion of the entire project targeted for mid-2019.

Source: Port Canaveral