78 Passengers Evacuated From Blazing Fishing Vessel By Coast Guard

By Accidents

There was a fire on 'Arctic Storm' extinguished by crew members. The 314-ft fishing vessel was saved by the people on board using the ship's Halon chemical firefighting system.
The Coast Guard helped with the evacuation of the passengers. MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station Astoria and 2 47-foot motor lifeboat crews from Coast Guard Station Grays Harbor monitored, in the same time 'Good Samaritan' ships were trying to evacuate 78 of 120 people to commercial fishing vessels Northern Voyager, Golden Alaska, Sea Dawn and Excellence.
The situation is dangerous because on board the Arctic Storm has 188,00 gallons of diesel fuel. The good news are that there is no pollution and no injured crew members reported. The Coast Guard will start investigation to find the cause of the fire.