VIDEO: Building the Triple-E Ship of MAERSK Line – Part 2

By Vessels

An important milestone was reached on 23rd of February, 2013 with the semi-launch of the 1st Triple-E at the shipyard in Okpo, Korea.
In order to make room for accomplishing the next vessels, the drydock was filled with water and the partially finished hull towed into the bay. A bulkhead wall sealed off the end to keep this ‘half vessel’ dry during the exercise. Fortunately, everything went as scheduled, and the huge vessel could return to the dock where the final assembly is going to take place. The vessel is well set to be ready for the delivery deadline of 28th of June, 2013.
The drydock is sealed off by heavy steel walls with a system of ballast tanks that make it potential to open and close the gate. To fill the dock, the gates are opened and the water rushes in at a rate of 2,500 cubic meters of water per minute. It takes 4 hours before the dock is sufficiently filled, and the gate can be towed away. In the reverse process, a series of pumps empty the drydock again so work on the vessel may continue.