Piracy Attacks stated in the waters of West Africa

By Piracy

The latest statement for piracy report from Office of Naval Intelligence warns of West African attacks on merchant vessels.
The Worldwide Threat to Shipping (WTS) message from ONI secures information on threats to, and criminal act against, merchant ships worldwide. The following attacks have recently taken place in West African waters:
DEM.REP.CONGO: while the Refrigerated Cargo Ship has been to anchor, the pirates boarded in the E, Boma Anchorage. The robbers were 10 in two boats, boarded the ship stole cargo, stores took crewman as temporary hostage.
NIGERIA: Chemical tanker approached off Port Harcourt Fairway Buoy. Some of the heavily armed robbers in a speed boat approached the tanker, bridge crew raised the alarm, heightened speed and set course away from land. The armed naval guards onboard the ship made their presence known. Seeing ship readiness and armed guards, the robbers aborted the attempted attack and moved away.
Refrigerated cargo vessel boarded off Port Harcourt. About 8 pirates armed with guns boarded the ship from a small wooden boat and started firing around the bridge and galley areas. The pirates ransacked the vessel and stole crew money, personal effects, and ship’s cash and property. They took hostage the ship’s Master and Chief Engineer and left. The ship warned the local authorities through the agents and sailed to a safe distance without the presence of Master and Engineer aboard. One person of the crew wounded and one other crewman remains unaccounted for.
IVORY COAST: Offshore supply ship boarded off W, Abidjan Inner Anchorage nine. Some robbers in a canoe, armed with knives, boarded from the port side main deck. One robber threatened the watchman with a knife while the other two took a pressure washer and they left the ship. The alarm was raised and Port Control was warned. After a short while a harbor police patrol boat came and returned the stolen item. No injuries and no damage to the vessel were reported.