Missing passengers after Malaysian ferry vessel capsizesd

By Accidents

An overloaded ferry vessel capsized Tuesday when it allided in rocks in a remote river in Malaysia's Borneo, leaving an unknown number of passengers still missing, Malaysian police reported. Some survivors swam ashore.
The allided ferry ship was believed to be carrying much more than its recommended limit of 74 people onboard, told Bakar Sibau, a district police chief in Malaysia's Sarawak state.
Bakar Sibau added, there appeared to be dozens of survivors, which included many who swam ashore, but he couldn't give precise figures.
The ferry vessel was packed because many are heading to their home villages for a harvest festival holiday that Borneo indigenous tribes are going to celebrate later this week, Bakar told.
Borneo island is divided among 3 countries: Indonesian territory in the south, 2 Malaysian states in the north and tiny Brunei on the north coast.