Maersk Tankers sells VLGC fleet

By Finance

Maersk Tankers plans to concentrate on fewer segments and for that reason sells VLGG(very large gas carrier) fleet to the BW Group. This company (BW Group) is leading maritime group focused in the tanker, gas and offshore segments and has 93 owned, part-owned or controlled vessels.
Hanne B. Sørensen, CEO of Maersk Tankers informed:
"his transaction supports our strategy to focus on fewer segments. I am confident that BW will deliver the same first-rate service to our customers as we have."
Andreas Sohmen-Pao, CEO of BW Group, added:
"Maersk Tankers has a fleet of high-quality vessels and BW is pleased to be acquiring this fleet. With this purchase, we will be able to deliver even more flexible service to our customers, providing ready access to vessels in all regions at all times."
Maersk Tankers and BW Group make a huge deal and for that reason their business plans have to be analyzed and approved by competition authorities. The 2 companies will not reveal more information for the terms and conditions of the deal.