Bakker Sliedrecht has delivered the electrical installations of the Coral EnergICE. Anthony Veder will operate this super 1A ice class LNG tanker, with a loading capacity of 18000 m³.

Bakker Sliedrecht delivers electrical installations of the Coral EnergICE

Responsible for all electrical installations

Bakker Sliedrecht was responsible for the engineering, installation and commissioning of all electrical installations. Key elements of this project were:

  • 1 x Main low voltage switchboard 450 V
  • 1 x Emergency low voltage switchboard 450 V
  • Distribution systems 450 V and 230 V
  • UPS systems 450 V and 230 V
  • Navigation and communication systems
  • BIMAC Alarm-and-monitoring system
  • Full led exterior lighting
  • De-Icing and winterization installations according cold notation Issues (1A supper)
  • Electrical system integration

BIMAC Alarm-and-monitoring system for a dual fuel system

The main engine of the Coral EnergICE is equipped with a dual fuel system, allowing the vessel to sail on both Marine Gas Oil (MGO) and LNG. Furthermore, two auxiliary generators run on gas and one auxiliary generator runs on MGO. To provide operators with accurate information on crucial systems, Bakker Sliedrecht adapted its alarm-and-monitoring system BIMAC, to be compatible with different fuel types within one vessel.

Extensive testing

For Bakker Sliedrecht, the Coral EnergICE is the first vessel that runs on gas engines. Therefore, Bakker Sliedrecht arranged extensive testing of the main switchboards and gas engines in a real life setting before installing the systems on board of the vessel.

Source: Bakker Sliedrecht