Dutch rower hit by tanker in Indian Ocean

By Accidents

A Dutch rower had a lot of luck not to be killed after a hit with a tanker in a dark night. The incident happened in the Indian Ocean.
Ralph Tuijn was rowing from Australia to Africa, 1,100NM from Cocos Island and about 2,500NM from Australia.
His boat rolled several times and filled with water. Ralph Tujin had to climb to the highest point of the hull possible in order to evade any danger. He had really bad luck as his life jacket and life boat failed.
Mr Tujin send an emergency beacon signal and started to hope that someone will help him. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) alerted the vessels in the area where Ralph was and there was a tanker, LNG Sokoto that rescued the drowning man.
An AMSA spokeswoman expressed an opinion:
"I can't stress enough how lucky he is that there was assistance so close,"
"He was in the middle of nowhere.
"He's very grateful to be alive."
Ralph Tujin did not have need medical help. LNG Sokoto will transport him to the ships next port call in Nigeria. The vessel of Mr Tujin is abandoned.