On 2 March 2018, DFDS’ ro-ro ship Primula Seaways was hit by a container ship during the sailing from Ghent to Brevik. No persons were injured and no pollution occurred. However, the collision caused damage to Primula Seaways’ port side and to one of the trailers placed near the damaged part of the hull.

DFDS: Ship swap and charter of ship secure capacity for Gothenburg - Ghent route

Primula was able to sail to Ghent without assistance. The damage is now being investigated and the ship could be out of service for a number of weeks.

To mitigate the effect of the incident on DFDS customers, the Company is leveraging the extensive route network and a larger ship from another route will be swapped with a ship on Gothenburg-Ghent. This will add capacity to Gothenburg-Ghent.

In addition, a ro-ro ship will be chartered short-term and arrive in Gothenburg on Tuesday 6 March 2018. DFDS will also consider chartering further tonnage if required.

“With these changes, it is anticipated the incident will not cause major delays for our customers.” - DFDS

Source: DFDS