Unprecedented Trial for suspected pirates in U.S. court

By Piracy

According tо the information in LA Times, in the 1st trial in U.S. court, 3 suspected Somali pirates face murder charges in the deaths of 4 American citizens after hijacking their vessel in 2011. Somali piracy since then has all but vanished.
This murder has happened 2 years ago off the Horn of Africa, in February 2011 where a retired Southern California couple and 2 family friends were deadly shot aboard their yacht from Somali pirates.
Since 2005, heavily armed Somali pirates in jury-rigged speed vessels had hijacked scores of oil tanker ships, cargo vessels and private yachts, holding hundreds of crew members hostage for lucrative ransoms. The brigands had crippled shipping in some of the busiest sea lanes in the world, costing companies an estimated 5 billion dollars a year.