Every day millions of tons of goods make their way across our seas and oceans and while this supply method might be criticised for being slower than air freight, it’s in fact a hugely important aspect of, and contributor to, world trade.

To get a better idea of this, in this post you can find a number of the advantages sea freight shipping offers businesses which more than justify its significance and make a case for why this should be something for businesses to consider with their logistics.

Shipping Stats

Before we look at the benefits of shipping, you might find some of the following statistics and facts from statista interesting, as these certainly emphasise the scale of seaborne shipping.

Container shipping alone:

  • Accounts for 60% of all seaborne trade
  • Was valued at 12 trillion U.S dollars in 2017
  • Has increased in volume by billions of metric tons since 1980
  • Sees its largest markets located primarily in Asia

So, on top of their importance in the world, what are the advantages of using such shipping methods?

Advantage One: Affordability

What this shipping method may lack in speed it can make up for in affordability, particularly when compared to air freight. Naturally, the further you need to send your items, the more cost-effective it can be.

Advantage Two: Large Supply

Thanks to their size vessels often deliver large parcels, containers and more substantial cargoes that would otherwise have to be sent on multiple planes, trains or automobiles.

Advantage Three: A Greener Alternative

Like any modern vehicle, modern ships are now greener than they have ever been, but in addition to this, seaborne shipping can be better for the environment in terms of emissions when compared to road and air freight.

Advantage Four: Increased Security

Shipping lanes may be busy, but they’re relatively hassle-free compared to the motorways and highways of the world. As such, the goods sent on ships can be safer overall when in transit. Plus, the shipping industry has seen its percentages of goods lost dropping in recent years.

So, if you’re the owner of a business who is looking to expand internationally, or you want to revolutionise your existing logistics setup, then be sure to consider sea freight shipping. Your company could soon begin to make the most of the above advantages, which may lead to positive growth and profits in the long run.