DNV Plans on Enhancing Lifeboat Safety

By Finance

DNV (Det Norske Veritas) has plans on enhancing maritime lifeboat safety.
There were incidents in the past with lifeboats. An industry project was started by OLF (the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association)for these incidents.
Requirements for lifeboats were tested in calm waters and from heights smaller than those for example on host facilities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. In real situations lifeboats are exposed to greater loads and damage. DNV has to develop a standard for the design of free fall lifeboats. The standard of the design of lifeboats is revised and test were performed in more extreme conditions. Lifeboats on the Norwegian Continental Shelf are now being built according to the DNV standard.
Olav Rognebakke, the head of DNV’s Ship Hydrodynamics and Stability Section said:
"If the shipping industry decides to implement our Free Fall Lifeboat standard, I believe maritime lifeboat safety will be taken an important step further."