Another vessel hijacked by armed Nigerian pirates

By Piracy

Last constructed vessel in Selby, the MT Matrix ship, is believed to have been hijacked by armed Nigerian pirates off the coast of Nigeria last month.

According to release information the MT Matrix vessel, was boarded on 25th of May, 40 n.m. off the coast of the Bayelsa State  in Nigeria by armed pirates that abducted an unknown number of the vessel crew members.

The hijacked vessel MT Matrix that was originally named Forth Bridge, was the last vessel constructed in the Cochrane Shipyard, Selby in 1991, and was owned by Campbell Maritime until she was sold to Beacon Shipping  of Singapore in 2007.

“The freeboard of MT Matrix was only 2-meters high, so you would not even need a ladder to climb aboard. I just hope the crew members of the vessel are found safe and well,” told the Outfit Manager at the Cochrane Shipyard, Richard Groves, who was the Outfit Manager at the Cochrane Shipyard.