Great Barrier Reef damaged by trawler

By Accidents

The Great Barrier Reef has been damaged by a fishing trawler. There is a risk for the environment because the hull of the ship was harmed and diesel fuel was spilled. The fishing vessel ran aground off central Queenslanf.

The incident was reported near Lady Elliot Island off Gladstone part of the World Heritage Area. No injuries reported. The fuel broke through the damaged hull of the boat but the crew members stopped the leak. Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) spokeswoman explained the situation:
"Diesel that did leak has dispersed and no mopping up is needed,"

The reef is damaged but further investigation will reveal how serious is the situation. This incident raises questions about development of ports and the increased marine traffic near the reef.

Felicity Wishart, working for the Australian Marine Conservation Society, informs that the case is an example of the impact of the vessels crossing the reef and what could happen in future.

"Just one ship crash on the reef threatens human life and can cause huge damage," she added.

Greens environment spokeswoman Senator Larissa Waters informs that the reef is being treated like a highway for coal and gas.

"With projections of one coal ship every hour and a half if port expansions proceed, the Great Barrier Reef will face more shipping accidents, risking more oil spills and damage to this world heritage icon."