Chief engineer fatally stabbed a fellow crew member

By Accidents

Chief engineer of a passenger vessel has fatally stabbed a fellow crew member as their ship passed by Antique province Tuesday evening.

Investigators are now trying to determine why the passenger vessel's chief engineer, Nestor Partisala, 58-year-old, attacked maintenance engineer Severino Villono, 64-year-old.

Both are crew members of the M/V Maria Isabel of Montenegro Lines that plies the Iloilo-Palawan route, according to the report.

Maritime authorities are checking other crew members' suspicions that Partisala suffered a nervous breakdown.

The primary investigation showed the passenger ship was on its way to Iloilo City from Palawan when the murder occurred.

According to the police report the chief engineer Nestor Partisala went to Severino Villono's quarters on Tuesday evening and he bashed the dozing victim with a steel pipe. After that he stabbed Villono with a bolo. Villono died from at least 4 stab wounds to the chest.

Crew members of the passenger ship Norberto Solitano, Nesmark Mendoza and Jessie Salinel subdued and arrested Partisala, and turned him over to police when the passenger ship docked at the roll-on-roll-off port in Barangay Lapuz Norte in La Paz at 2 am on Wednesday.