Costa Concordia Update: Installed and the second Platform

By Accidents

The second platform on Giglio Island  has been installed in the last few days.

This is the 5th of total 6 subsea platforms, which are going to secure a safe supporting structure for the sunken cruise ship Costa Concordia  after it is rotated into a vertical position ("parbuckling", as this is known).

The new-mounted platform that was constructed at the Rosetti shipyard  in Marina di Ravenna, weighs about 1,000 tons, measures 40 metres and is 22 metres in height and is supported by 5 big pillars ( nearly 2 metres in diameter ) secured to the granite seabed about 10 metres deep.

The installation work continues relentlessly 24/7. Currently, there are 25 ships and boats and 460 workers working on site.