Emergency Response for Beached Rail Ferry in Turkey

By Accidents

MV Feruz, a specialist ferry for railway wagons, was one of several ships which got into difficulties in a crude storm in the Black Sea. The master demonstrated impressive seamanship by steering her into a little, narrow (outside) swimming-pool of an aqua park, near to the port of Samsun in Turkey.
Mammoet Salvage, jointly with Iskes Towage & Salvage tugs from IJmuiden signed a LOF salvage agreement on the rail ferry Feruz to secure emergency response services to stabilize the ship and prevent more damage to the ship and aqua park.
When the Feruz, (Loa 150 meter) was beached in the aqua park she sustained damage below the waterline which was made worse by the continuing movement across the rocky bottom in the outside swimming-pool. The breakwaters and aqua park also suffered significant damage during the maneuvers of the vessel. Mammoet Salvage began the emergency response service by checking the condition of the ship, stabilizing her, taking depth soundings in the surrounding area and would preventing a possible environmental disaster by installing a full oil spill response spread in case an oil leakage occur. This work was done together with a local diving company and Iskes Towage & Salvage tugs, a partner in Mammoet’s international network. The intention was to tow the Feruz out of the dock before adverse weather and heavy swell would set in again. Unfortunately, delays in getting permits from the local authorities, and communications problems between the Russian vessel-owner, the owner of the aqua park and the authorities caused some tense moments when the next storm hit. However, all the problems were solved after almost 2 weeks when Mammoet and the local partner refloated the Feruz and towed her to the port of Samsun.
The towage market in this region is mostly served by local businesses and international operators often find it difficult to enter the market. However, the vessel-owner wanted to work with Mammoet given the company’s possibility to respond quickly and its impressive track record.
This project is an excellent illustration of the strength of Mammoet Salvage’s international network of local partners which afford the company to provide a rapid response to emergencies and minimize bigger damage. This combines the advantages of local presence and observe with a worldwide scale and extensive resources. The emergency response services are often followed-up by complex salvage operations, where Mammoet Salvage profits from the equipment, know-how and engineering support of the larger Mammoet group.