Online game by MAERSK - Quest for oil

By Curious
The biggest shipping company MAERSK now takes you on a quest for one of the most indispensable recources - oil, in a unique online gaming environment. By downloading the game you are going on a subsurface journey, which is exploring the underground and getting to the heart of the world’s vital and challenging business: the oil industry.

Competing with people all around the world you test your wits against an artificially intelligent digital opponent dedicated to making you lose. Your own ability to understand what the key challenges of the oil industry is crucial: you learn how to read earth layers, how to detect where to search for oil reservoirs and how to know when you are wasting your time. The analytical decisions you make are going to determine whether you win or lose.

How well do you understand the oil industry? What is the importance of the seismic phase? How were the earth’s different layers formed? Which of these might yield oil? You are going to learn the answers to all these questions and then use this knowledge to beat the digital opponent who is constantly trying to beat you.

You can here find and download the new Maersk's online game "Quest for Oil"