China Shipyard Gets Serious HBC Bulkship Orders

By Finance

 Hamburg Bulk Carriers (HBC) has decided to order 3 43,500 dwt bulk carriers and has plans for 9 more ships from Qingshan Shipyard. 2 and a half years was invested into this project for the creation of up to twelve bulk carriers of about 43,500 dwt. The 1st ship is expected at the end of 2014.

The design is developed by Deltamarin of Finland, there are small changes. The specific thing in this vessel is that the consumption of fuel oil is low and the shallow draft.

The bulk carriers are designed to have 5 cargohold of "boxy" double skinned construction and 4 cranes of 35 mt and grabs. With this move, HBC wants to enhance its position on the market and to compete in modern bulk carriers designs.