5 injured, Passengers Evacuated in vessel fire

By Accidents

5 people have been injured in vessel fire, which lead to evacuation of all the passengers.

On 14th of June, 2013, a fire broke out on the Nissos Mykonos that had 174 guests and 74 crew members in total aboard, in the eastern Aegean Sea, 1 nautical mile off the port of Karlovassi on Samos. The fire broke out in the passenger ship's smokestack while it was floating among Samos and the island of Ikaria.

Due to fire 5 people had to be transported to a hospital and treated for respiratory problems. The 4 women and 1 man that needed treatment for smoke inhalation were given 1st aid by doctors on the vessel and after that transported to Samos by a Coast guard launch.

The remaining people onboard the damage passenger ship Nissos Mykonos were taken aboard the ferry Panagia Theotokos and have since been safely transported to Karlovasi. The rescue operation was coordinated by the Harbor Master of Samos. From the very 1st moments of the fire onboard, next to the damaged passenger ship Nissos Mykonos were 3 freighters, a passenger liner and a ship of the port authority.

The fire was put out by the crew members of the passenger ship Nisson Mykonos. A tug vessel was sent to the scene and the vessel due to enter port once it was declared safe. The Nissos Mykonos passenger vessel was coming Piraeus where it had floated at noon and was heading for Samos with stops at the islands of Syros, Mykonos and Ikaria. It was the vessel's 1st journey on that route this season. The cause of the accident and the extent of damage was yet unclear. The passenger ship was continuing its way towards Samos, while ships of the Coast Guard were heading for the area.