KOTUG latest RotorTug launch

By Vessels

 KOTUG, international maritime service provider has launched on ceremony the new generation RotorTugs in Bremerhaven, Germany. The new vessel is named RT Ambition  and is long 32m, has width of 12m, 6.456 BHP and a bollard pull of 84 tons. The vessel was built at ASL Shipyard Singapore and it is a part of 14 sister vessels, some of them are built in Niigata Shipyards Japan.

RT Ambition is helping seagoing ships in the port of Bremerhaven since December 2012. The RotorTug is extremely manoeuvrable because of the 3 propulsion units. The number of RotorTugs in the fleet of KOTUG in Bremerhaven is 9.

The christening ritual of the RotorTug was performed by the sponsor - Lady of RT Ambition Mrs. Claire Knegtel. She is the wife of Mr. Dorus Knegtel, KOTUG’s former COO.