Stena Drilling informed yesterday that the Company has signed a contract with Total E&P UK Ltd. for the Stena Don.  

Stena Drilling sign contract with Total E&P UK Ltd

The Stena Don will drill the Glendronach prospect which is located West of Shetland. The duration is around 80-120 days and will commence mid/end May.  

“Stena Drilling is extremely pleased to be working with Total E&P UK Ltd on this campaign and the campaign represents a great new opportunity for the Stena Don on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS).”

Stena Drilling decided to move the Stena Don from Norway last year due to the limited opportunities in Norway during 2018 in order to lay-up the rig and pursue alternative international opportunities.

“The Stena Don and the crew have delivered safe and high performance operations in Norway for a number of years and we look forward to replicate the same best-in-class performance on the UKCS.”

Source: Stena Drilling