Crew of a Cargo vessel Robbed off Miri

By Accidents

The police officials have classified the robbing of some crew members onboard a cargo vessel offshore near Miri on Monday as a case of robbery at sea.

Mun Kock Keong, who is police chief Asst Comm at Miri told whether or not the accident was the work of pirates or just local robbers is being investigated by the maritime and police officials.

"The crew members have lodged an official police report on the accident. We have referred the case to the maritime enforcement agency since it is a case of robbery, which occurred at sea.

"Whether or not pirates are involved in this robbery, they are being investigated," he added when asked about the accident where 3 crew members were told to be injured during a scuffle with a group of masked people that boarded the cargo vessel while it was sailing from the Kuala Baram port to Bintulu.

It was also said that the masked people boarded the cargo vessel in the dark of the night and robbed the crew members of cash and personal items like hand phones.

It was presumed that the robberies were the work of locals and not pirates from other places as there are no nearby islands where pirates can hide out.

The nearest island from Miri is Labuan, which is well-patrolled by security officers.