MAERSK's Eugen Maersk caught fire in the Gulf of Aden

By Accidents

The 11,000-TEU container vessel of Maersk Line, Eugen Maersk caught fire during a sailing to the Port Said, in Egypt. The fire onboard the Eugen Maersk container ship started in 3 containers during the passage through the Gulf of Aden.

The crew members reacted promptly and isolated the fire from spreading to the other containers. The affected containers aboard the Eugen Maersk didn't contain hazardous goods according to the papers and documents.

The incident caused the Eugen Maersk container ship to anchor at Republic of Djibouti where 2 tug vessels assisted with fire fighting and just after ensuring that there is no fire and no any potential risk of a new fire onboard Eugen Maersk the mega-boxship was permitted to enter into Doraleh Container Terminalnow to berth.

The affected containers aboard the Eugen Maersk were discharged and the container ship was inspected by the local maritime authorities. Still the cause for the fire is unknown and the company started investigation for the reasons of the incident.