14 crew members Abandoned on tanker ship since 6 months

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Crew of 2 Pakistanis and 12 Indians has been stranded for months with no food and water on a tanker ship anchored at Khor Fakkan.

“We are all sick and dying onboard the vessel. There is no clean water to cook even to dring. We are all unpaid and living like hostages in the sea,” Smigin Subramanian, who is 3rd engineer of the Singaporean tanker Iron Monger 3,” told by phone.

“All we want to escape from this living hell,” he added.

“We haven't taken any money from 6 months. Four seafarers of us were brought from Kerala to Dubai on 17th of January, 2013 on a 6-month contract by recruiting agents Pontus Ship Mgmt. The schedule was to sail to China, demolish the tanker vessel and sell it as scrap, or at least that was what we were told, by the vessel's owner NOS Ship management Pvt Ltd.” Subramanian, 28, added.

The crew members told that they are living in constant danger. “The tanker doesn't have any safety apparatus. Even the fire alarms and navigators aren't working. The medicines are all expired and our only communication with the outside world is through our personal phones,” told Sreejith Kumar, another crew member of the abandoned tanker ship Iron Monger 3.