10 victims in a ferry accident in Vietnam

By Accidents

10 people have been killed and three are still missing in ferry incident that occurred on a ferry running from the port city of Pathein, 130km west of  Yangon.
The ferry "Pathein Thu" sank at around 2 pm on Tuesday as it was about to dock at a jetty near Ngapudaw Township. It had just completed the 30 km journey from Pathein Township on the Pathein River, which lies around 135 km west of Rangoon.
It is still investigating over the reason of the incident but there are accusations that bad conditions and overcrowding could have been to be the reason.
Amongst the victims have been at least 5 women and 1 child said the senior police spokesman from Ngapudaw Township. Volunteers joined the police searching for survivors.
"There was a wave at the time so the flow of water was very strong. When the ferry stopped suddenly and turned to approached the jetty the wave hit so it lost control" the policeman said. There`s been over a hundred passengers on board and local people of Ngapudaw Township have informed that this meant the ship was been overloaded at the time of the incident.
"People told me that the boat sunk because it was overloaded and passengers were too many on board," said an onlooker. "When the ferry stopped moving and turned to the shore it lost control and turned over."
Boat travel is often used in Burma's vast river deltas and coastal regions, which are poorly served by road or rail, and accidents are common. In November 2009, a ship sunk in Pathein killing 40 people with another 50 missing. The vessel was firstable a cargo ship that was also carrying passengers on board.