Navigator Karl Lilgert gets 4 years prison for criminal negligence causing the death of 2 people

By Accidents

Karl Lilgert, the ferry officer has been sentenced to 4 years in prison for the deaths of 2 passengers aboard the Queen of the North. He also does not have the right to operate any vessel for ten years.
Mr Lilgert was convicted for criminal negligence for causing death of 2 passengers. Gerald Foisy and Shirley Rosette disappeared after the Queen of the North sank off the British Columbia coast in March 2006.

The ferry officer was operating the vessel but failed to keep the Queen of the North on course and headed directly towards the island.

One of the reasons for this tragic incident according to lawyers was the presence of his former lover. Quartermaster Karen Briker and Karl Lilgert were together at the time of the tragedy. The 2 had ended their relationship just weeks before the voyage.

Lilgert explained that the reason for the incident was the unreliable equipment and the unfavorable weather. Lawyers wanted the sentence to be 6 years in prison and lifetime ban on operating a vessel. The ferry officer has no previous criminal record or driving infractions.

An appeal is already in the works.