MOL COMFORT UPDATE: Initial Inspections show the fore part leans forward; drifting to India

By Accidents
Both halves of the damaged container ship MOL Comfort might be salvaged says Marius Bakker, who is team leader loss adjuster at Cunningham Lindsey in Rotterdam.

He says that based on the initial inspections carried out by team of professionals of Smit Salvage and Nippon on Monday with patrol and rescue vessels arrived near the parts of the damaged container vessel MOL Comfort.

According to the information of Marius Baker, a Sri Lankan tug vessel Capricorn has arrived at the front part of the damaged container ship MOL Comfort to conduct an inspection of the vessel's part condition. The team of professionals established that the vessel's half true 3 metres leans forward (with the head down drives), but that a bulkhead is in order. "And this is a good news for storage. It looks like pretty good."

The other tug vessel Pacific Terrier is elsewhere on the Arabian Sea on the other, rear part of the broken on 2 parts MOL Comfort. "This part also looks to be good," stated Marius Bakker. "From this part of the engine room is still in tact, and it's the part with the most buoyancy."

The distance among both parts of the damaged container vessel MOL Comfort, both the direction of driving India, is growing day by day. The front part is so hard, which would be run, as the tug vessel wouldn't have been there (around 195 nautical miles).

If the salvage operation would indeed get underway with success is still the question of which port is ready to receive the parts of the container ship MOL Comfort says Marius Bakker.