MOL Comfort Section Breaks Free from Tow

By Vessels

The saga with MOL COMFORT  continues. This morning was announced by Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL)  that the fore part of the vessel has broken free from it’s towing wire. The bad sea conditions do not allow the rest of the vessel to reach shore safely.

Salvage operation is complicated. The towning wire became disconnected from the MOL COMFORT fore section. It was extremely hard for workers to determine the strongest part of the fore section.

The size of the container ship really makes the operation difficult, there are 500 feet plus the cargo and not mentioning the adverse sea conditions. The speed of the tugs has to be slow, sometimes the size of the fore section takes control of the tugs engaged in the salvage operation.

The container ship MOL COMFORT is towed backwards. It seems strange but it’s likely that the bow, in its present downward trim, is likely acting more like a rudder. Towing the ship from the bow, with the stern out of the water, would probably make the vessel extremely tricky to maneuver in a straight line.