The Athina Maritime Learning and Development Center, which has been recently established and it will serve as the exclusive maritime training organization for Minerva Marine Inc. has signed an agreement with Kongsberg Digital for the supply of new state-of-art bridge, engine room and cargo handling simulators. A dynamic portfolio of simulator-based courses designed to leverage the realism and pedagogical value of Kongsberg Digital’s simulator technology together with a comprehensive set of classroom training seminars is under development by the Athina Maritime Learning and Development Center, with the aim of becoming a leading maritime training organization “where seafarers always come first”.

Athina Maritime Learning and Development Center Selects Kongsberg Digital Next Generation Marine Simulators

The Kongsberg Digital scope of supply is based on a completely integrated delivery of K-Sim Full-Mission Class A Bridge, K-Sim Engine Room and K-Sim Liquid Cargo Handling simulators. The integration between the simulators provides a unique ‘total ship’ learning experience enabling crew resource training for improved operational teamwork on board, supported by unprecedented physical and behavioral realism for all aspects.

“Complete integration between different simulator types is essential to deliver crew resource training where all operational aspects are carried out by separate teams with different, but connected functions in a total ship, real-time scenario,” said Sølvi Opthun, Area Sales Manager, Maritime Simulation, Kongsberg Digital. “Through our unique approach to integration, the Athina Maritime Learning and Development Center can further promote the competence and professionalism of seafarers individually and collectively aimed at conducting safe and efficient vessel operations”.

Stelios Volakis, Training Manager of the Athina Maritime Learning and Development Center pointed out that “By providing a training environment almost similar to the actual onboard operating conditions, our Training Center will be capable of delivering an outstanding learning experience to enable seafarers to enhance their knowledge and skills in a rapidly changing and demanding world”.

Sokratis Dimakopoulos, COO of Minerva Marine Inc., stated that “the competence of our seafarers is a key success parameter for ensuring flawless, efficient and safe operations and as such we are looking forward with enthusiasm to the operation of the Athina Maritime Learning and Development Center”.

Source: Minerva