Jack-up Drilling Rig Sinks Near Congo River

By Accidents

 Saipem  announced that on July 1 the jack up drilling rig Perro Negro 6 tilted and suffered damage. The cause for the incident is the collapse of the seabed under the rig.

Perro Negro 6 was starting drilling operation between the coasts of Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo, near the mouth of the Congo River, in approximately 40 metres of water. Badly the rig capsized and sank There were no people on board. All 103 workers were evacuated, 1 is missing 6 with minor injuries.

There is no environmental threat for the moment. Saipem sent an emergency team and is working also with the Angolan Authorities.
Saipem has insurance for loss of equipment, wreck removal, as well as for any possible environmental damages.