11 people missing as cargo vessel "sinks" off Phuket

By Accidents

 The Royal Thai Navy informed yesterday that Bangladeshi cargo ship MV Hope did not sink but was lying on its side. 11 people from the ship are still missing, 6 others are rescued.

The reasons for the incident according to Mercantile Marine Department’s Principal Officer Shafiqul Islam are the big waves and stiff crosswinds in the Andaman Sea.

MV Hope was sailing with 6,545 metric tonnes of ball clay used in the ceramics industry. The vessel capsized 29 nautical miles (54 kilometres) south of Racha Yai Island.

The owner of MV Hope announced that the Captain of the ship, Chief Officer, Second Officer, Deck Cadet, Chief Engineer, Electricians, Chief Cook, Engine Cadet. MV Hope is built 23 years ago and it is owned by Trade Bridge Shipping Ltd. The interesting in this case is that the certificate of the ship is load-carrying capacity is 5,550 tonnes with almost 1,000 tonnes more. A navy helicopter is patrolling the area for the missing sailors.