China and Russia conduct naval drill

By Curious

 The 2 countries are planning a joint naval drill in the Sea of Japan. The event is expected to be one of the largest in the Chinese history with a foreign partner. These actions are not "targeting any third parties".

It is known for the problems of China with the neighbors Japan and the Philippines over maritime disputes. A month ago there was join exercises of the US and Japanese navies off San Diego.

Communist Party newspaper People’s Daily informed:
"Assertions have been made that this drill has a symbolic significance in terms of safeguarding the sovereignty of islands in the area, and represents a response to the US-Japan alliance,"

The newspaper informed more that the drill is focusing over of routines exercises, on join escort and the recovery of kidnapped vessels.

It is announced:
"There will be no aggressive element to the joint drill,"

China will participate with 4 destroyers, 2 guided missile frigates and a support ship. Russia in other side will send 11 warships, a submarine and 3 planes.