Fire breaks out on MOL Comfort fore section

By Vessels

The vessel MOL COMFORT had broken into 2 parts more than 2 weeks ago. The aft part sank. The fore part is being towed but...

It was reported to Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) that fire has broken out on the fore section of the MOL COMFORT wreck in the Arabian Gulf, 310 nautical miles from Mumbai coast. It was announced that a tug boat towing the fore part reported for the fire.

MOL informed:

"We immediately requested the salvage company to start fire fighting. The tug boat and other two rescue boats are responding to the fire at the scene,"

There are rumors that the ship was transporting chemicals.

MOL COMFORT split in 2 section in adverse weather in the Indian Ocean on 17 June. The aft part of the ship sank with 1,7000 containers onboard.