The new type of future vessel patrols

By Curious

Kvichak Marine Industries recently constructed and launched a new vessel at their facility in Seattle, WA.
Designed by Kvichak/Amgram Ltd., UK, the revolutionary ship "Patrol 28" is made all-aluminum for effective operation in port and inland waters, including shallow areas all over the world. The design is for the UK Royal Marines, based on the Offshore Raiding Craft from Holyhead Marine. The main goals that "Patrol 28" was constructed for, are: searching and rescuing, border patrol and maritime security. The "Patrol 28" cruises at speeds over forty-five knots, powered by twin Honda 225 hp VTEC outboards. The design has incorporated the follow features:
* Shockwave shock mitigating seats
* Furuno electronics package
* Enclosed deckhouse
* Low freeboard aft to assist in recovery of personnel from the water
* Fendering system designed for shock absorption and protection from damage when alongside other vessels
* Excellent visibility from all seats in the deckhouse
* Very steady seakeeping with exceptional maneuvering characteristics
For easing the crew members to permit easy using their weapons they are seated next to opening windows.
Wide arcs of fire for both fore and aft gun stations; generous overlap where both guns can be brought to bear.
For easy boarding is arranged a foredeck, with access on both sides of deckhouse to enable crew movement during boarding

Principal Particulars:

Length (molded): 28’ (8.53m)
Beam: 10.5’ (3.2m)
Length (overall): 32’ 6” (9.70m)
Displacement (full load): 9,970 lbs
Static draft: ~32” (.81m) Fuel: 121 gallons
Speed (approx): >45 knots