MV Albedo Empty Lifeboats Spotted on Beach

By Piracy

MV Albedo was in pirate hands since November 2010 and sank 4 days ago because of bad weather. European Union Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) announced that there were 15 crew members taken hostages and that there are still missing. Lifeboats were spotted on the beach but no people on board.

Maritime Patrol Aircraft and EU Naval Force warship were near the incident and are looking for survivors. Lifeboats were found 14 miles north of the position of the sunken ship MV Albedo but there is no sign not only of the crew members but also of the pirates.

Reuters informed that at least 4 crew members and 7 Somali pirates died when the ship sank, and 13 others were missing.

"We have confirmed that four foreign (crew) and seven pirates died. We are missing 13 in total,” a pirate, who gave his name as Hussein, told Reuters. “We had no boats to save them."

The vessel had a crew of 23 when it was hijacked early on November 26, 2010 about 900 nautical miles east of Mogadishu, Somalia.