MOL COMFORT UPDATE: Most containers sunk, no more oil film

By Accidents
The company owner of the sunken container ship MOL Comfort, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines reported an update as of 4:00 UTC on 11th of July regarding the fore part of the container ship, which sank in the high seas near 19'56"N 65'25"E (water depth about 3,000m) at 19:00 on 10th of July.

About 2,400 containers onboard the fore part of the sunken container ship MOL Comfort sunk together, while some containers have been confirmed floating near the site.

About 1,600 metric tons of fuel oil and other oil of the container ship MOL Comfort were estimated to be in the tanks of the fore part. There's an oil film at the site, but no large volume of oil leakage has been observed at this moment.

"We have already reported the sinking of the fore part of MOL Comfort to the flag state of the Bahamas, Indian officials, and other parties concerned. We are going to keep the salvage team of professionals at the scene to monitor oil leakage and the status of the floating containers," reported Mitsui O.S.K. Lines.

From the company owner of the sunken container ship MOL Comfort  also added: "while we had kept the salvage team in the zone to monitor the situation of oil leakage and floating containers, no more oil film was observed. Most of the containers sank and couldn't longer be spotted. We also reported the fact to Indian officials, finished the monitoring, and the salvage team left the scene."