MOL Comfort oil slick disappeared, partner OOCL reports total loss

By Accidents

The oil slick that has been spotted in the location where the forward part of MOL COMFORT sank off the Yemeni-Omani coast has disappeared.

MOL shipping company informed that the most of the containers are under the water and also added:

"While we kept a salvage team in the area to monitor the situation of oil leakage and floating containers, no oil film was observed.
"We have been proceeding with a thorough investigation to determine the cause of the incident,"

Hong Kong's Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL), partner of MOL announced to all clients for the loss of their containers. The company commented:

"All the containers that were loaded on the vessel are now lost at sea. In your best interest, we recommend that you notify your insurer of this incident if your cargoes are insured,"

The forward part of the vessel MOL COMFORT sank with 1,600 tonnes of bunker oil. The number of containers that disappeared with the fore part of the vessel was 2,400, some of them were reported that have been floating near the site.