APL yesterday announced that the West Asia Express (WAX) service will be calling the additional ports of Xingang, Busan and Sohar as part of its service rotation. This refinement marks APL’s commitment to provide a wider coverage between the Far East and Middle East.

APL Adds Port Calls to West Asia Express Service
Caption: Containership APL Paris - Image courtesy of APL

The enhanced WAX service will be characterised by its unparalleled transit time from Asia to the key Gulf ports of Sohar, Jebel Ali and Dammam. Shippers can also expect to gain direct access to Sohar from Qingdao; as well as to Dammam and Doha from Xingang.

The improved WAX service will commence sailing from Xingang on 26 July 2018 with the following port rotation:

XingangBusanQingdaoShanghaiShekouSingaporeSoharJebel AliDohaDammamJubail – Singapore – Xingang.

Click here for more information on the enhanced WAX service.

Source: APL