MV Albedo 7 Bangladeshi crew members alive

By Vessels

 The 7 Bangladeshi crew members who had been taken hostages from a sinking ship off Somali coast on July are alive. The government announced that they were sent to another fishing boat by the pirates.

MV Albedo sank on July 7 and the pirates left it with the hostages before the sinking of the vessel. The ship was abandoned by the owner and the Malaysian authorities could not use their offices in order to cooperate for the release of the crew.

Bangladesh High Commission in Nairobi had also been ordered to be in contact with the UN office for Somalia.
The ministry has asked the media to refrain from any incorrect information, which can make the situation worse and undermine the efforts by the government.

As of paying ransom to the hijackers, the foreign ministry noted that as a matter of principle, no government, including the government of Bangladesh, can pay ransom to any such case of piracy.